Our factory’s brain-computer interfaces detect neural signals through workers’ skulls. Algorithmic analysis of these signals transforms cognitive activity into physical action.

José Millán
Chief Scientific Officer, Mental Work and Defitech Foundation Chair in Brain-Machine Interface, EPFL


In October of 2017, Switzerland opened the first factory in the world to be operated exclusively by workers’ minds. Enlisting revolutionary technology developed by neuroengineers at EPFL, employees are psychologically decoupled from their bodies, past experiences, and preconceived ideas about the future.

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Mental Workers employ Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI) to control machines using only their minds. These machines allow workers to tangibly engage with a future where pervasive BMI interaction with the physical environment becomes commonplace. Together with our employees and affiliates, we are dedicated to anticipating and planning for this upcoming Cognitive Revolution.


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Team profiles

José del R. Millán
José del R. Millán
Mental Work Chief Scientist
Professor at The University of Texas at Austin
Laurent Bolli
Laurent Bolli
Mental Work Head of User Experience Development
UX Professor at HEIG-VD
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell
Mental Work Co-founder
Research Project Manager
Jonathon Keats
Jonathon Keats
Mental Work Co-founder
Artist and experimental philosopher